Titebond III Glue 3.7L




We have found this glue to be the very best for using with wood and bamboo veneer for skateboards and other bent wood projects.



  • For our Pre-Shaped Veneer Sets, 3.7 litres will be enough to make: 13 Street Decks, OR 11 pintail Long Boards (7 layers), OR 30 Lil' Rockits.
  • For builders using uncut (rectangles) of veneer, please adjust your requirements accordingly.
  • Note that if you are using a fresh roller, a fair amount of glue will be absorbed into the roller. Plan accordingly! 

Price includes delivery within Australia

Glue-up Tips and Tricks

Following the instructions in your kit, or from our tutorials use the glue amounts recommended for the size of veneer sheets you have.

Use the roller supplied with your complete kit, or for custom builds, use a 9” close-nap paint roller.

Roller out a thick but not pooling layer of glue on one side of the facing veneers and if you have time (or a helper), apply a thinner coat to wet the facing sheet.

Make sure that no glue has dried before you stack the veneers and get them pressed in the Thin Air Press vacuum bag. Dried glue will not make a bond.

The working time is much longer (9 minutes) with this glue than other woodworking glues however if any of the glue dries before the stack is pressed in the TAP, those dry spots will result in de-lamination.


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Titebond III Glue 3.7L

Titebond III Glue 3.7L

Titebond III glue for making skateboards and other projects


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