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The RockitRuler was designed by a board builder (Shaun Bunder) to solve the problem many builders have, how to accurately mark and drill the truck holes so that they line up with each other.

One of the most stressful moments of building a board, is knowing that the centerline is accurate, so that the trucks will ride true. 

The RockitRuler makes it easy to find and mark that centerline, and to mark both old and new school truck holes.


The specially designed 48” (121cm) galvanized steel ruler features:

  • Mark a true centerline on both uncut and pre-shaped boards with accurate ruler gauge
  • Align your truck holes perfectly squarely with each other over the full length of a board
  • Use as a 48" (121cm) straight edge
  • 3 diamond-shaped cutouts help you position the ruler on the centerline
  • 'V' shaped cutouts at both ends allow you to mark truck holes on drop decks
  • Properly spaced guides for marking your Old School AND New School Truck holes
  • Galvanized steel makes for a sturdy, long-lasting tool
  • To bend more easily around the curves and drops, see the transparent Rockit Ruler FLEX rulers for both New School and Old School 

Price includes delivery within Australia

Rockit Ruler HD

Lay the ruler perpendicular to your sanded board, and using the rulers marked on the sticker, find the centre of the board and pencil a mark through the diamond shaped holes. Repeat this in 3 places along the length of the board.

Using the ruler as a straightedge, pencil a light line to connect the marks.

Lay the ruler so that the line shows in the diamond cutouts. Using the “V” shapes at the ends of the ruler, mark the truck holes.

Use your pencil marks as guides to drill your truck holes (do not drill through the metal ruler).


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Rockit Ruler Metal

Rockit Ruler Metal

The RockitRuler has multiple uses, from finding centre to ensuring that the truck holes on your custom board are perfectly square to each other.


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