Thin Air Press Super Pump




With more than twice the volume, this larger "Super" pump can evacuate the air out of a TAP bag in half the time as our regular pumps can! The volume of this pump is 98cc vs 40cc's of our original pumps.

The Super Pump is a more powerful pump and actually produces more vacuum than the original pump.

If you've used our original pump before, you will notice it takes a lot more arm power to make it work. For those with small hands, especially young people, this pump may be harder to manage.


Larger than our original pump, this pump does the job fast!

Price includes delivery within Australia

The Standard TAP PUMP vs The SUPER PUMP!

Connect the pump to the grey valve that comes installed on your Thin Air Press vacuum bag, and start pumping as quickly as you can.

If the bag is sealed properly, you will start to see the vinyl tighten around your pressing,

Unlike the smaller pump, the Super Pump does not make a click sound when done.

Tip: the pump works best with a little water in the slide. (rinse and shake out)


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Thin Air Press Super Pump

Thin Air Press Super Pump

The Super Pump is the big daddy of pumps.


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