Bombora 5 veneer refill




Designed to supplement our builder kits, this special Veneer Refill kit has been created to introduce a more advanced, fun and exciting skateboard deck!

In this first offering of the Collab Series, Rob Defreitas of Bombora Boards and Roarockit worked together to produce a drop deck that is not only easy to press with the laser cut veneers but is also a highly functional longboard when complete. The fusion of the drop and rocker gives the rider a lowered cradled feeling making it easier to push and gives more control when sliding. 

A 2-pack with the foam mold is also available.

This kit can be pressed in the 14 x 47” Thin Air Press bag or larger.

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Bombora 5 veneer refill

Bombora 5 veneer refill

Five Bombora Drop Deck shaped maple veneer 8-layer sets

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